Initial commit :)

I’ve been accepted for GSoC 2017 and I am very glad to work on a project for Scrapinghub a sub-org of Python Software Foundation.

So this summer I will work on an implementation of the tools for finding and parsing dates in the large chunks of text for dateparser.

Dateparser is a python library which provides modules to parse human readable dates in 29 languages. Its functionality includes parsing of numerous language agnostic and language specific date formats, parsing of relative dates (like ‘2 days ago’) and support of several calendar systems.

Aim of my project is to add to dateparser a function which will receive a string and return tuples of found date substrings and parsed datetime objects for languages currently supported by dateparser. I will also try to expand natural language parsing by including to parse function as much as possible natural language date expressions that dateparser can't parse in current version.